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New blog!

· One min read
Eric Park

Long time no see!

If you were here during the Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo days, you may remember the “Updates” posts and “A State of Bliss” posts on our Google Plus page. Sadly, after Google buried Google+ most of our status update posts were deleted.

We’re trying to revive that spirit with a new blog! This blog will host regular updates from the members of Team Bliss, where we will talk about features currently being worked on, the state within the team, and much more! You may see posts from me, from Jon (I think you’ll enjoy his updates on x86, since that is quite the popular platform to run Android on at this point), and anybody else on the team working on development.

So if you’re just as hyped as we are for posting more content for you to enjoy, then follow along with us for the journey and consider checking out some of our social links up top!