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A notice on bug reporting

· One min read
Eric Park

Hello everyone! This is a quick notice on what’s going on behind the scenes, regarding bug reporting for our ROMs and firmware.

Right now we have a repository set up on GitHub for bug reporting. However after using it for a couple of months we realized a couple of things:

  • People really, really want unified bug reporting
  • Device bug reports are hard to handle
  • Source bug reports must be separate but it’s hard to distinguish in the sheer volume of bug reports

That’s why we’re moving over our bug reporting system to Atlassian’s Jira. With the transition, we just want to let you guys know of a couple of things:

  • Starting from today (June 13) we will no longer be accepting new bug reports at the aforementioned bug reporting repository.
  • In the future we will open access to Jira for the public and allow everyone to submit bug reports. No date has been set yet.
  • Jira will handle all bug reports, including BlissRoms and Bliss OS bug reports, device-specific bug reports, and more.

We hope this clarifies a couple of things. Thank you for using Team Bliss’s software!