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Updates (August 2021)

· 2 min read
Eric Park

Hello everyone! Here is this month's worth of updates.


This week, we’re releasing BlissRoms v14.6. Here's the full changelog:

  • Merged August Security Patch
  • Moved battery percentage to the left side of battery icon
  • Improved FOD and make it better
  • Improved face unlock
  • Revamped the Settings UI
  • RGB Accenter added
  • Added a host of volume panels
  • Introduce Android S Clock
  • Add CPU Info and FPS Info overlay
  • Lockscreen weather improvements
  • Removed IORAP and Zygote
  • Switch to Hastebin to upload crash logs
  • Added LiveDisplay Support
  • Added anti-flicker tile
  • Reboot/Recovery QS Tile added
  • Improvements to FOD and screenshot options
  • Added QS Header and Customizations
  • Opacity added to power menu, QS and notification background
  • Added Qs Header size
  • Redesigned media player to s style
  • Add simple fade filter to the media artwork
  • Improve volumedialog implementation
  • Improve Qs panel Replace media notification background with artwork
  • Add Android 12 shapeshift clock
  • Added back theme utils
  • Added Pulse Music Visualizer
  • Added support for Signature Spoofing
  • Add new QS Headers
  • Add toggle to hide lock icon on lockscreen
  • Introduce Keyguard Weather Styles
  • Added Previews for FOD, Themes, Fonts
  • Added AboutBliss
  • Several under-the-hood optimizations

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • Fixed battery text view
  • Fixed NavBar Styles
  • Fixed AppLock issues
  • Fixed 3 finger screenshot bug
  • Fixed S clocks
  • Fixed Settings scrolling bug
  • Fix qs footer and media layout
  • Miscellaneous fixes

With this release, we support the following devices:

  • Asus ROG 3 (obiwan)
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet)
  • Mi 9T (davinci)

Unfortunately, starting from this release these devices are no longer supported. No builds will be available for the following devices:

  • Redmi Note 5 / Redmi 5 Plus (vince)

If any maintainers are willing to support these devices, please review the requirements apply for our maintainership program.

That’s all for this week! Happy flashing!