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BlissRoms 16.2 codenamed Typhoon now available

· 2 min read
Jis G Jacob
Aryan Arora

Hello everyone! Here is this month's worth of updates.


This week, we’re releasing BlissRoms Typhoon v16.2 The changelog is the following:

  • Added Face Unlock support
  • Added more fonts to the option to change Lockscreen Date and Widget Fonts
  • Addition of reTicker
  • StatusBar/QS Logo Additions of your choice
  • Allow to customize StatusBar Padding in devices with notches and Hole Punches
  • Addition of Edge Lighting
  • Game Space Additions
  • Battery Bar support
  • Redesign Refresh Rate Section
  • Option to unlink between ringer and Notification Sounds
  • Addition of Increasing Ring feature
  • Quick Unlock on PIN/Passwords
  • Pocket Mode support
  • Adaptive PlayBack
  • Force close app via Notification Guts
  • Rotation customization
  • Optimizations done to the Contacts and Messaging apps
  • Misc Improvements and Fixes

With this release, we are excited to announce support for following devices:

Google Pixel 6a (bluejay)
Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia)
Redmi 9T/Poco M3 (chime)
Google Pixel 6 (oriole)
Google Pixel 6 Pro (raven)

Kind Note that December patches which came out recently are the Quarterly Patches that Google releases every 4 months, so it will be merged onto source at a later time and would be informed here once merged.

If anyone would like to maintain BlissRoms for their devices then kindly apply for it using this link

That’s it for this month! Happy flashing! #StayBlissful #FeelTheWind🌪