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BlissRoms 16.9.1 codenamed Typhoon now available

· One min read
Jis G Jacob
Aryan Arora

Hello everyone! Here is this month's worth of updates.


This week, we’re releasing BlissRoms Typhoon v16.9.1 The changelog is the following:

  • Merged with September Patches
  • Revert the split shade QS on landscape
  • Revert QS Elevations from bottom
  • Alert Slider Improvements
  • Misc changes in Launcher
  • Fixed Contacts App FC
  • More bugfixes and misc changes under the hood

With this release, we are excited to announce support for following devices:

Samsung Galaxy A70 (a70q)
Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia)

If anyone would like to maintain BlissRoms for their devices then kindly apply for it using this link

That’s it for this month! Happy flashing! #StayBlissful #FeelTheWind🌪