Bliss & Astian working together through Android-Generic Project

Bliss & Astian working together through Android-Generic Project

Bliss Family of ROMs has teamed up with and together we are planning big changes for Android Generic Project, giving the community access to a full suite of FOSS tools, android apps and services, all without compromising user data. We welcome Astian to our family in this endeavor and look forward to working together in our joint vision of Android on all devices.

Astian Announcement:

Let’s start with what this may mean for Android-Generic Project.

This partnership represents the impact we can have when we build tools for more than just ourselves. So with keeping that tradition, the plan is to expand Android-Generic Projects tools into supporting even more devices is a given. But we’re planning even more changes that will offer the community a suite of FOSS apps and services that can offer users peace of mind in knowing their data is safe and secure, with no intrusive advertising or sharing their private data.

Some of the apps we will be working on through this partnership include, but are not limited to:

  • Calendar
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Task manager
  • PDF reader
  • Weather
  • Contacts manager
  • File Manager
  • Music
  • Videos
  • On-Screen Keymapper (for non-touchscreen devices)
  • Office applications (in collaboration with Collabora)
  • And many more!

So what does this mean for Bliss and other ROMs?

Well, this means that there will soon be another vendor option for FOSS apps, and it will include an array of apps that all projects can benefit from. The plans are still being finalized, so as soon as we start moving forward, we will be sure to make another announcement post.

Our Next Steps

The plan is to finish up on a little internal restructuring of Bliss and start with accepting new team members using a revamped interviewing process. This will allow us to better support the needs of each project under the Bliss umbrella in finding the talent they all deserve.

We look forward to adding new team members in the very near future.

Till then,