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Eric Park

Welcome to the fast ring of BlissRoms “Updates” posts! This will be the first of many weekly update posts for BlissRoms. If you want to know which week it is, then check the W1, W2 tags in the title!

And with that out of the way, let’s get into this week’s worth of updates!


Bug fixes

  • Launcher fixes:
    • Fixed weird recent transition animation on swiping from navbar
    • Fixed no Google app in app drawer
    • Removed prediction row toggle
    • Fixed quick-switch padding in Recent apps
    • Removed column/row options (enable grid in launcher settings)
    • Fixed icon pack value not showing in settings
    • Fixed many miscellaneous things
  • Fixed QS tint style issues (see example here)
  • Fixed emergency button on power menu on first boot
  • Improved Settings > Privacy UI for GApps users
  • Fixed no permission bar chart for inbuilt GApps devices
  • Improved handling no icon preferences
  • Fixed maintainer name showing unofficial maintainer on other languages
  • Set eleven as default music player
  • Enabled media picker for ringtones
  • Set default Dialer and no in call-UI on first boot
  • Fixed button tint in SetupWizard
  • Disabled Bliss clear primary overlay (use clear system theme)
  • Removed similar packages (like Gallery, Calendar) for inbuilt GApps devices (if installing GApps externally, use scripts to override, if they do not override by default)
  • Fixed navigation bar toggle showing for devices with no hardware keys

Feature additions

  • Launcher:
    • Add scroll to remember position in app drawer.
  • The following themes were added:
    • Clear theme (this was requested a lot! Finally added :D)
    • PitchBlack
    • Dark grey
    • Solarised dark
    • Material Ocean
  • August Security Patch has been merged.
  • Added iOS-like clipboard toast notification. See if apps are spying on your clipboard!
  • Added option to show/hide rotation button on navbar and gestural mode
  • Added partial screenshot to HW keys actions and edge swipe action
  • Added backgrounds wallpaper app and Calculator (for non-GApps users)
  • Optimized touch
  • Added support for Boost Framework
  • Added same NFC icon for statusbar as QS tile
  • Added Linotte font
  • Improved Settings > Wi-Fi animation
  • Added a brand new animation for connected devices
  • Added new animation for Settings > System
  • Added battery health options (this needs to be enabled by your maintainer! But please don’t bug them to… they will do it if the device supports it.)
  • Added a new Face Settings video
  • Brought back SettingsIntelligenceGoogle
  • Added default tiles on first boot
  • Added wifi-ext (device-dependent)

Also, thanks to everybody translating on our translation page, we have more languages for everyone to enjoy!

If you would like to see the full developer commit changelog, you can find that here.

And that’s it! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment down below!

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Eric Park

This will probably be our last monthly update post! Starting from August we will transition to weekly updates as needs arise.

New lock screen clocks

New, OnePlus-inspired lock screen clocks have been added! Go check out the full-quality video over at our Twitter.

Changes in BlissRoms

The following are new changes in BlissRoms 12.9 and 12.10:

Bug fixes:

  • When the brightness slider position was set to QQS, and when the dark mode tile was toggled, sometimes there would be two brightness sliders. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed force close for some devices (Realme XT) on lock screen charging info.
  • Fixed padding between battery and signal icon
  • Fixed force close for Wi-Fi only devices
  • Fixed external adaptive Settings dashboard icons not theming
  • Fixed no brightness slider and Quick Settings panel when rotated to landscape mode
  • Fixed various network traffic issues
  • Fixed Edge Lighting sometimes showing up on home screen
  • Fixed various screen stabilization problems
  • Updates and fixes to notch-city display cutout mode
  • Fixed OnePlus switch disabled thumb color
  • Fixed accent preset summary and selected value in “Blissify > Themes”
  • Fixed slim recent switch not showing the enabled state properly
  • Fixed status bar header’s buggy layout when the single image option is selected, but there is no image selected yet
  • Fixed showing unlock screen directly bug
  • Fixed network traffic visibility on status bar
  • Improve DT2W (double tap to wake) on AOD (always-on display)
  • Improved FOD (fingerprint-on-display) views
  • Fixes and updates to lockscreen shortcuts

UI changes:

  • Unified options in “Blissify > Statusbar”, everything can be found in one place now
  • Reordered some stuff in “Blissify > QS” depending on their importance

Added features:

  • Add 5 new OnePlus-inspired lockscreen clocks (see above!)
  • Thanks to @Roger_T for the designs!
    • OnePlus Numbers
    • Minimalism
    • OnePlus Roman dial
    • OnePlus analog
    • OnePlus minimal
  • QS “DISCO” mode has been added, thanks to the POSP team!
  • Random accent mode has been added, thanks to the msm extended team!
  • Navbar pulse has been added, thanks to the DU team for porting it to Android 10!
  • Added random accent to tile label
  • Added support for per app network isolation
  • Added option to enable full screen for all apps. This is different option from the “long apps” feature, which is for old, legacy apps.
  • Improved aspects of volume panel (Notification row among other changes)
  • Brought back brightness slider in expanded QS panel when QQS (top) and QQS (bottom) are selected.
  • Added Ethereal primary theme.
  • A lot of improvements to Notch city, thanks to POSP and crdroid team!
  • Update QS data usage more frequently
  • Improved QS data handling some more
  • Increased size of all analog clocks
  • Fixed accent and gradient mode for QS tiles
  • Improved QS tint modes
  • Added SBC HD Bluetooth codec
  • Added Bluetooth dual channel mode
  • Added option to select SBC HD by default
  • Added A2DP codec priority option (preferred codec)
  • More Bluetooth updates
  • More SQLite improvements
  • Enabled Zygote pre-forking (USAP pool). This will make apps launch faster!
  • Added VoWi-Fi icons. This is disabled by default, so ask your maintainer to enable it only if your device supports the function.
  • Added notification counters (shows number of notifications in status bar)
  • Added back button for free-form windows
  • Update heads up QS tile icon
  • Add R style icon shapes
  • Transparent QS background (not yet added, depending on device releases may vary)
  • About Phone animations have been removed and changed to Lottie animations like other sections, as requested by many users. Thanks to our lead designer, Roger Truttmann, for adding these animations!
  • Added transparent status bar QS background
  • Removed search bar in launcher
  • Added ability to disable glance widget in launcher
  • Added stock navbar layouts (compact, right leaning, left leaning, etc.)
  • Launcher additions below: (thanks to all contributors and the AICP team!)
    • Change row and column count
    • Clear all recents with swipe down
    • Toggle app labels
    • Hide top apps prediction row in app drawer
    • Icon size setting
    • Icon support


  • Navbar pulse will be hidden if navbar is hidden, or IME space is hidden when navbar is set to gesture mode. This is not a bug.
  • For transparent statusbar background, QS background opacity has to be reduced to see the effect!

We’ve also added more translations, thanks to contributors on our Crowdin. Go translate BlissRoms for your device here!

Dropped devices

We are discontinuing support for the following devices:

  • Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971)
  • Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00T)

We would like to thank the maintainers that maintained these devices up to this date. If you wish to maintain for any of the devices above, or apply to maintain for a new device, submit a maintainer application here.

And that’s it for this month! Leave a comment down below on your thoughts!

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Eric Park

We would like to announce a change to Bliss OS (our PC/x86/x86_64 builds) that we’ve been working on. Recently, the development on Bliss OS has taken a different turn towards something that can better benefit the entire community.

We’ve taken the concept of our Android-PC project, and started to rework the scripts to make things a whole lot smarter and easier to use. This allowed us to evolve Android-PC project into a toolkit that could also build multiple versions of a Bliss OS, along with AOSP. So seeing the potential there, we started working on the scripts, more and more. Adding the ability to create a PC .iso for just about any ROM out there, not just Bliss. After that we then boiled it all down to one vendor repo to clone into the AOSP or ROM source.

With that main groundwork laid out, we then added the treble (GSI) scripts based off the same PHH-Treble concept we started using in Android Pie, and updated those with all the new functionality added for the PC side of things. Making this project now require a new name, Android-Generic.

Next step was to make it smarter. So with multiple ROMs applying the same set of generic patches, we quickly figured out that we will need to split things up for the patches. So the process for both GSI & PC patches all start with a pre-patch phase to allow for any reverts or other preparation a ROM source might need, then after that we apply a generic patchset (usually the base set that applies straight to AOSP), then after that we have a second ROM specific patch set to add any conflict resolutions that occur from the initial process of configuring for you ROM. Then after that is all set, we also have a Customization patch set type. Think AOSP vs. AOSP-EX, or Lineage vs Lineage-EX. In this phase of patching, it will look for any rom add-ons, added patches for customizations, features, etc, on top of what the ROM has currently.

After that we set out to make the whole thing work more efficiently, adding the ability for new patch conflicts in one ROM to seek out other potential conflict resolutions on its own from the resolutions other ROMs have in the AG repo, so the more ROMs included in the main Android-Generic repo, the more ROMs that will be able to use it out of the box, benefiting the entire community.

Now for GSI, some may be thinking that PHH-Treble already uses a patching system and scripts, why would this be used? Since we are indeed using his work for the generic GSI patches, we don’t want to replace his work at all, we want to take the value-added approach and provide the community an easy to use system that incorporates his work and uses everyone’s solutions on top of it to grow and benefit everyone exponentially.

For the PC side of things, this doesn’t mean the end of Bliss OS at all, in fact, Bliss OS is now part of all the PC ROMs that are built through AG. We will still be uploading Bliss OS builds too, but they will also be accompanied with various other PC builds of different Android ROMs, and AOSP combinations.

This is where we need the Android community to start showing their support and try using the toolset. We’re not afraid of constructive criticism and are consistently working towards automating the entire process if possible. Help us help the community and git checkout Android-Generic today!

git clone vendor/android-generic

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Eric Park

Hello everyone! This is a quick notice on what’s going on behind the scenes, regarding bug reporting for our ROMs and firmware.

Right now we have a repository set up on GitHub for bug reporting. However after using it for a couple of months we realized a couple of things:

  • People really, really want unified bug reporting
  • Device bug reports are hard to handle
  • Source bug reports must be separate but it’s hard to distinguish in the sheer volume of bug reports

That’s why we’re moving over our bug reporting system to Atlassian’s Jira. With the transition, we just want to let you guys know of a couple of things:

  • Starting from today (June 13) we will no longer be accepting new bug reports at the aforementioned bug reporting repository.
  • In the future we will open access to Jira for the public and allow everyone to submit bug reports. No date has been set yet.
  • Jira will handle all bug reports, including BlissRoms and Bliss OS bug reports, device-specific bug reports, and more.

We hope this clarifies a couple of things. Thank you for using Team Bliss’s software!

· 6 min read
Eric Park

We’re halfway through Season 2020; what do the writers have in store for the second half?


New devices

We’ve added new devices to the roster, thanks to the new maintainers (all handles are Telegram handles):

  • Huawei Nexus 6P (angler) – maintained by @roxxannee
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro (tulip) – maintained by @Mr_Purple_666
  • Redmi K20 Pro (raphael) – maintained by @taran107
  • Redmi Note 7 (lavender) – maintained by @tukangcaribug
  • Xiaomi Mi 6 (sagit) – maintained by @kkce21
  • Xiaomi Mi 9t (davinci) – maintained by @Louis1977
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) – maintained by @Louis1977
  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium (maple) – maintained by @Shujath
  • Umidigi A5 Pro (breeze) – maintained by @FlashKillerV2
  • Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00T/D) – maintained by @ChaitanayaMittal

If your device is on this list please don’t forget to thank your maintainer as you grab your build of BlissRoms!

ROM changes

Note: this list continues from the previous post. If you want to see it, [click here for the previous changelog.][previous-changelog]

[previous-changelog]: {% post_url 2020/2020-04-22-updates-april-2020 %}

  • Added Android R-style notification header
  • Added charging sound
  • Fixed primary color for Quick Settings
  • Added launcher long-click to set styles and wallpaper
  • Added ambient pulse layout feature for edge light. Choose between faded and solid!
  • Added video bitrate and improved audio for screen recording
  • Improved screen recorder layout
  • Removed prebuilt themes in styles and wallpaper (fixes the themes crash)
  • Switched to Launcher3 (now Bliss Launcher) with a lot of updates
  • Added primary color to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth panels
  • Fixed status bar padding for notched devices
  • Fixed custom rounded corner cutouts for some devices
  • Improved System-wide dark theme
  • Fixed header drop down list in QS header
  • Fixed notification detail view to follow system theme (when app notifications are long-pressed)
  • Improved settings theming
  • Improved system-wide parts
  • Removed LTE QS tile
  • Removed advanced location tile (This was active even in Battery Saver mode, so it was removed.)
  • Added charcoal primary
  • Added lead black primary
  • Added OnePlus dark primary
  • Added solarised dark primary
  • Added flame primary
  • Added system icons toggle for VPN, Data Saver, and Roaming
  • Made Bliss Black properly black (notifications background)
  • Updated GApps to latest
  • Fixed oversized battery icon
  • Aligned date for type clock (This fix is pending for Omni Weather.)
  • Aligned owner information with type clock
  • Fixed “Less boring heads up”
  • Fixed heads up blacklist
  • Fixed heads up stoplist
  • Fixed lock screen max notifications not working
  • Added PowerShare QS tile
  • Added required commits for the OnePlus camera
  • Built customdoze for all devices
  • Fixed hide back arrow in gesture navigation not working all the time
  • Fixed vibration for back gesture haptic
  • Fixed vibration for long swipe gesture
  • Added option to remove smart charging if the device does not support it
  • Added isApplicationOnUicc API
  • Fixed Airplane Mode toggle
  • Fixed QS battery style for hidden mode
  • Merged May security patches
  • Added new AOSPA volume dialog
  • Overhauled expanded volume panel
  • Made icon spacing more equal on status bar
  • Fixed NullPointerException in PowerShare tile
  • Added padding to date widget for type clock
  • Improved ADB over network tile
  • Improved network traffic
  • Added Asus long screenshot in place of OnePlus longshot
  • Removed nerves clock
  • Fixed default clock style handling
  • Added a lot of fonts
  • Fixed VPN layout in QS
  • Added date and carrier label to lock clock
  • Added a different switch to hide clock now instead of clock style hidden entry
  • Changed behavior or Orono, Divided, MNML Box and MNML so that the date is hidden by default on lock screen (will show in Doze)
  • Fixed hidden FOD cutout (thanks to @pivcer)
  • Fixed multi-SIM ringtones
  • Fixed default dialer for non-GApps users
  • Added notification log
  • Added music title and artist in Doze/Pulse
  • Added custom text clock.
  • Fixed text clock alignment and padding
  • Added status bar clock font, size, and color
  • Fixed applying different clocks when text clock is applied
  • Added suspend actions
  • Fixed QS footer VPN layout with drag handle enabled
  • Improved hiding the navigation bar gesture completely
  • Added toggle IME space below keyboard
  • Reverted to old notch hide
  • Added notch modes: hide, immersive, and normal (This can be found in Blissify > More!)
  • Fixed gesture dialog, haptic switch alignment and overall layout in the Settings app
  • Improved exposing auxiliary camera
  • Fixed freeform windows dragging once again (by Google)
  • Improved some strings in Blissify
  • Added icon for Slim Recents in Blissify
  • Added OneUI action bar in Settings (You need to close Settings from recents to apply as of now. Fixes incoming in the future!)
  • Fixed System > Gestures layout for lower-DPI devices
  • Added Dot OS battery view in Settings
  • Set OnePlus slate as default font for clocks, date, owner info, etc.
  • Added dynamic change of options in Blissify > Buttons as navigation bar changes
  • Fixed Bluetooth icon not appearing on first connect (thanks to @pivcer)
  • Added rounded hexagon icon
  • Fixed QS system info text on light theme
  • Fixed the type clock padding after latest changes
  • Added Etar app (email app from LOS)
  • Added gradient to volume panel
  • Added fix for screenshot arrow showing up in edge swipe for screenshot
  • Added quick QS brightness slider
  • Added center type clock
  • Fixed alignment of owner information to center type clock
  • Fixed Divided clocks preview
  • Fixed Divided clocks layout
  • Fixed MNML clocks layout
  • Fixed type clock preview
  • Added gradient to volume panel
  • Fixed the sRGB wallpaper bug
  • Merged June security patches
  • Added brightness buttons function and auto-brightness toggle icon to QQS brightness slider
  • Made screenshot type in “Blissify> More > Screenshot Type” apply only for volume button key combination
  • Added option to disable Asus longshot (this will only work if you select extended screenshot in Blissify > More > Screenshot Type!)
  • Fixed date widget padding for default text clock
  • Improved QQS brightness slider layout
  • Improved status bar clock visibility
  • Allow users to take long screenshot in app drawer
  • Added accelerometer sensors to sensor block list

If this list seems a bit too long, that’s because I’ve listed all changes from May and June, since we skipped May’s Update post. We would like to express our thanks for everyone that helped add these features and improvements to BlissRoms!

Thanks for tuning into this month’s worth of updates. And before signing off, I would like to ask whether people would be more interested in weekly updates rather than monthly updates. Please vote with this Straw Poll!

And that’s it folks! Stay safe and see you on the next update post!

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Eric Park

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared the inner workings of our team with you all, so we thought we’d set this blog off right and bring back these posts 😉

There’s been a lot of changes under the hood, as well as a few new paint jobs added to Bliss since our last ASOB post. We’ve updated the websites with some new content, adding a docs section to both sites, a BlissROMs stats page & Bliss OS stats page, and revamping the Bliss OS site with Bliss-Bot upgrades that allow it to help in more ways than just providing somewhat legible sentences. It can now answer a bunch of FAQ’s, and even supply the common download links for not just Bliss OS, but many of the devices supported through BlissROMs as well.

Speaking of BlissROMs, we also added a maintainers section to both websites. Check the team tab to see their glorious avatars, and if you are a device developer and want to get your builds that Official status, we’ve also moved to a new way of handling maintainers too. Please head over to to check that out.

As for how Bliss has been doing as an organization, we’ve restructured recently to better enable the various parts of Bliss to communicate a little better, and not have so many people spread out across the various branches of Bliss. Just like our current social distancing measures we’re all getting used to in real life, the move for Bliss has been a hard move for some and an easy move for others, but we’re definitely doing everything we can to make the experience a bit more blissful 😉

Now, what about Bliss OS? Well, Bliss OS is still going strong. We’ve pushed out a few updates for Bliss OS 11.x (Android 9) and have been working on getting proper 32-bit builds going again. On the Bliss OS 12.x (Android 10) front, we’ve had a few more bugs pop up, but are well on our way to getting those fixed up and working better than ever. And some new news for everyone out there, we’ve already started working on bringing Android 11 to PC’s and will start posting more about that project as time goes. So far, we have things building as a generic .iso and booting in a vm. It’s so exciting to dive in and get things like this working with our PC hardware. Due to the higher than usual learning curve when it comes to the x86/x86_64 side of things, we are always looking for contributors on the Bliss OS side of things. So find us on Telegram if you are interested in learning more about contributing towards Bliss OS.

So that wraps up this month’s “A State of Bliss” post! If you haven’t checked it out yet, please visit [Eric’s “Updates” post for more detailed information regarding changes to BlissRoms][updates-post] and have a great rest of the week!

– Jon (@electrikjesus)

[updates-post]: {% post_url 2020/2020-04-22-updates-april-2020 %}

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Eric Park

New blog == new content == more things to enjoy. So what’s new this month for Team Bliss?


New rules regarding Telegram

As the projects of Team Bliss grow, so does the community surrounding it. And while we are open and accepting to each and every member of our quickly burgeoning community, some malicious individuals have decided to exploit that aspect.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of people not follow the rules and instructions posted on our website and Telegram groups. In particular, we have seen a sharp uptick on nasty behavior toward admins and developers, where users believe they are entitled to something from our team.

Our stance on this is extremely clear – Team Bliss will not cater to rude people. If you are kicked or banned from our channel, you best believe you have been rude to us, a team member, or a member of our community at some point. Bans will not be reversed if the reasoning is just, so do not ask. Any attempts to circumvent the ban using alternate accounts will be reported to Telegram and all alternate accounts will promptly be banned as well.

Please be nice and don’t be rude. Thanks!

Looking for server donations

Team Bliss is also on the lookout for server donations! If you or the organization you work with have some spare slots on your servers, please contact us to get things rolling. We may even display your organization’s sponsor logos as a show of gratitude! 😀

In particular, we are looking for build servers to set up weekly/nightly builds for our device roster and some infrastructure servers to help team processes, such as documentation and bug tracking. If you believe your servers are capable, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

You can email us here. Please include the phrase “Server Donation” in the subject so we can quickly respond!


New devices

We have a lot of new devices joining our team roster this month! The additions are as follows (all tags are Telegram handles):

  • Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) – maintained by @thatsaftab
  • Mi 8 Lite (platina) – maintained by @hanifardhani
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (grus) – maintained by @pivcer
  • Asus Max Pro M2 (X01BD) – maintained by @Nitesh_121
  • Realme 5 Pro (RMX1971) – maintained by @Orgasmtron

If your device is on this list please don’t forget to thank your maintainer as you grab your build of BlissRoms!

POCO X2 Developer Program

We’d like to give thanks to POCO for sending their POCO X2 to our developer Jack (@jackeagle). Follow POCO’s Instagram account and Twitter account for more information about the POCO X2!

ROM changes

  • Added the Trebuchet Launcher. All new builds will use Trebuchet going forward.
  • Removed Lawnchair Launcher.
  • Added icon pack support to Trebuchet Launcher.
  • Double tap to sleep has been added
  • Recents swipe with gesture have been added
  • Added 6 new clocks in styles and wallpapers (thanks to the Bootleggers team!)
    • Divided Lines
    • SFUNY
    • MMNL Box
    • MMNL Minimal
    • Orona
    • Nerves Clock
  • Clocks have resizable font and different styles (on some clocks only)
  • Fix for themes section crashing has been added (please submit bug reports if you encounter any!)

We would like to express our thanks for everyone that helped add these features and improvements to BlissRoms, including the Bootleggers team for the clock additions!

Thanks for tuning into this month’s worth of updates. I’ll sign off here and hand it over to [Jon with his Bliss OS updates on “A State of Bliss” posts, as is tradition][a-state-of-bliss-post]. See you on the next update post!

[a-state-of-bliss-post]: {% post_url 2020/2020-04-22-a-state-of-bliss-april-2020 %}

· One min read
Eric Park

Long time no see!

If you were here during the Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo days, you may remember the “Updates” posts and “A State of Bliss” posts on our Google Plus page. Sadly, after Google buried Google+ most of our status update posts were deleted.

We’re trying to revive that spirit with a new blog! This blog will host regular updates from the members of Team Bliss, where we will talk about features currently being worked on, the state within the team, and much more! You may see posts from me, from Jon (I think you’ll enjoy his updates on x86, since that is quite the popular platform to run Android on at this point), and anybody else on the team working on development.

So if you’re just as hyped as we are for posting more content for you to enjoy, then follow along with us for the journey and consider checking out some of our social links up top!